K-pop fans are likely to have lower than average IQ

A recent study at Oxford university has concluded that liking music of Korean pop is linked to having lower iq

2000 people from 15 different countries took part in the study, people that like K-pop were found to have a lower IQ than average. 


  1. so does the one who made this post

  2. Lmao
    Liking pop leads to brain blockage
    Liking kpop leads to brilliance,english is international,korean isnt,excelling in a language not known to all thats more of a credit you noob mf.Same goes for listeners

    1. what an extremely retarded statement if unironic

  3. ambobobo niyo talaga shitpost nga tong buong blog HAHAHAHA tsaka may katotohanan din naman kpop fan ako pero yung iba talaga diyan basta korean pupurihin na para bang may fetish sila ganon kaya siguro bumababa IQ w00PS


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