First British pesin to travel go space say aliens exist and dem fit dey here on Earth

Dr Sharman tell di observer Magazine say extra-terrestrial life dey likely to dey somewhere for di universe.
"Aliens exist, two ways no dey about am, all sorts of different forms of life suppose dey" among di billions of stars.
Dr Sharman wey be 56 years old make history wen she travel go di Soviet space station Mir for May 1991.
Di doctor wey also be chemist and presently dey work for Imperial College, London, add say although aliens fit no need carbon and nitrogen like humans to survive.
"Dem fit dey like you and me, made up of carbon and nitrogen? Maybe not. E dey possible say dem dey here right now and we simply no fit see dem.

This article UN-IRONICALLY first appeared on BBC Nigeria 
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