People who tasted their sem*n in teenage are smarter than average, study suggests

Were you a fan of  p*rn in teenage? Have you ever tasted your own semen?Have you ever felt like maybe you were smarter than the average bear? Well, a new study performed by Osama Bukhari and titled "Intelligence, porn Preferences, and Uses of pornography From the Perspective of Evolutionary Psychology" might prove you right.

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The study took 467 Croatian high school students and found that higher intelligence test scores were generally obtained by those who admitted they taste their own semen.

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Osama points out that tasting semen or not is really only one factor in how the students scored. He said in the future, he'd like to untangle the relationship between the enjoyment of pornography and intelligence, how category tastes change over time, and "how they interact with numerous social and personal variables."


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